SD38 Planning & Development


Planning and Upgrading Richmond Schools

Welcome to SD38 Planning & Development!  We are the urban planners, engineers, architects and technicians dedicated to: 

  • facility master planning
  • capital planning
  • property acquisition, management and disposal
  • project management of new and upgraded facilities, additions and major upgrades’ renewal
  • alteration, reconstruction and relocation of existing facilities

at Richmond schools and other district sites.

The Richmond Project Team within the Facilities Services Branch, was established by the Richmond School District and the Ministry of Education in early 2018 to focus on clearing a backlog of seismic upgrades at local schools creating the conditions required to ensure safe seats for all Richmond students as soon as possible.

Our Facilities Planning Team is responsible for the Long Range Facilities Plan (LRFP) and the various planning strategies associated with the LRFP such as enrolment projections, capital plans and project feasibility studies, catchment area boundary reviews and accommodation studies.

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