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2020-2021 School Catchment Boundary Revisions Approved

As an initial step in addressing strategic recommendations contained in our Long Range Facilities Plan, the Richmond School District completed a review, including public and stakeholder consultation, of existing school catchment are boundaries and will be implementing 27 school catchment boundary revisions for the 2020-2021 school year. The package of revisions was approved by the Richmond Board of Education at its Public Meeting held December 11, 2019. For more information on these revisions, please visit our Planning Page.

It is important to note that families who have a child currently attending a school within a catchment area boundary revision will not be affected by the boundary revision, have the choice to remain at the school in their current catchment or transfer to a school in their newly proposed catchment, and have the choice to enroll any siblings in their current catchment or their newly proposed catchment.