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Seismic Mitigation Program

The safety of B.C. students is vital.  A comprehensive school seismic upgrading program is underway to make schools safer in the event of an earthquake by minimizing the probability of structural collapse.  In Richmond, a total of 28 schools have been identified as requiring high priority upgrades, with the Richmond Project Team established to accelerate these projects.

Here is where we are at to date:

Completed Projects

  • Garden City Elementary
  • Samuel Brighouse Elementary
  • Steveston-London Secondary

Projects Underway

Projects Awaiting Approval

  • Manoah Steves Elementary
  • Mitchell Elementary

Projects in Pre-Design

  • Tomsett Elementary

Planned Projects

  • James Whiteside Elementary
  • William Bridge Elementary
  • Maple Lane Elementary
  • Alfred B Dixon Elementary
  • John T Errington Elementary
  • Westwind Elementary
  • James McKinney Elementary
  • Walter Lee Elementary
  • James Thompson Elementary
  • James Gilmore Elementary
  • Quilchena Elementary

Potential Future Projects

    • Blundell Elementary
    • Daniel Woodward Elementary
    • Donald E McKay
    • John G Diefenbaker Elememtary
    • R M Grauer Elementary
    • Sea Island Elementary
    • École Des Navigateurs (Kilgour Elementary)