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Seismic Mitigation Program

The safety of B.C. students is vital.  A comprehensive school seismic upgrading program is underway to make schools safer in the event of an earthquake by minimizing the probability of structural collapse.  In Richmond, a total of 35 schools have been identified as requiring high priority upgrades, with the Richmond Project Team established to accelerate these projects.  

The criteria that establish the prioritization of seismic mitigation projects was established in Section 6.4.1 of the District Long Range Facilities Plan. The process by which projects are approved for funding by the Ministry of Education, starting with the annual Five-Year Capital Plan submission by the Richmond School District, is shown at the bottom of this page. 

Here is where we are at to date with seismic upgrading: 

Completed Projects

  • Steveston-London Partial Seismic Upgrade/Partial Replacement
  • Garden City Elementary Seismic Upgrade
  • Samuel Brighouse Elementary Seismic Upgrade/Partial Replacement

Projects Underway

Projects in Feasibility/Business Case Development

  • William Bridge Elementary Seismic Upgrade
  • James Whiteside Elementary Seismic Upgrade

Planned Seismic Upgrade Projects

  • John G Diefenbaker Elementary
  • Walter Lee Elementary
  • Donald E McKay Elementary
  • Alfred B Dixon Elementary
  • Tomekichi Homma Elementary
  • Westwind Elementary
  • Blundell Elemetary
  • Jesse Wowk Elementary

Potential Future Seismic Upgrade Projects

  • Howard DeBeck Elementary
  • Kathleen McNeely Elementary
  • R C Talmey Elementary
  • Thomas Kidd Elementary
  • Kingswood Elementary
  • Quilchena Elementary
  • John T Errington Elementary
  • James Thompson Elementary
  • Hugh McRoberts Secondary
  • R C Palmer Secondary
  • Steveston-London Secondary
  • Matthew McNair Secondary
  • James Gilmore Elementary
  • Daniel Woodward Elementary
  • R M Grauer Elementary
  • Sea Island Elementary
  • École Des Navigateurs (Kilgour Elementary)

Project Approval Process